General Care

Avoid extreme temperatures or direct contact with cleaning products, household bleach, chemicals, Cosmetics and Perfume etc. when wearing your jewelry. Acids are especially harmful to the surface of pearls and contact may change the pearls luster.

Protect your jewelry from shocks against hard or rough surfaces and take it off once you take a bath, shower or when you wash your hands.

We recommend cleaning your jewelry regularly with a soft jewelry polishing cloth and if needed a mild soap and warm water.

Store your jewelry in its original box, in particular when travelling.

Gold and Silver

As gold and silver are natural materials, they will show wear and build up patina over time; Especially silver oxidizes with time. When it is in contact with your skin and worn everyday it oxidizes less, so wear it everyday.

Matte surfaces will become shinier while polished surfaces will turn more matte.

Woven Gold

The woven gold parts in some of our jewelry are very delicate by nature, but handling them carefully will keep them in good shape for a long time.

Avoid folding or extreme bending of the woven parts. When opening or closing a collier or necklace we recommend holding on to the closure and not the woven parts.


To clean leather-parts of your jewelry we recommend to use a soft dry or damp cloth.

If for some reason the leather has become really wet, it should be slowly dried in a moderately warm and well-ventilated place. Do not place it on a radiator or oven to expedite the drying process.