Why do you use Fairtrade Gold and no recycled gold?

Using recycled gold cannot prevent gold mining, as the demand for gold is still rising. According to Fairtrade International ninety per cent of the labor force involved in gold mining is made up of artisanal and small-scale miners. An estimated 100 Million people rely on small-scale mining for their livelihoods and are working under poor conditions, sometimes with limited access to drinking water, Medicare and education. Gold that is certified according to Fairtrade-standards provides small artisanal miners with better livelihood and working conditions. Fairtrade certified mines also have to meet strict requirements on working conditions, health and safety, handling chemicals, women’s rights, child labor and protection of the environment.


Why do you not use Fairtrade Gemstones? Why do you only use lab-grown gemstones?

Mining always has an impact on the environment, since large amounts of earth have to be moved. Water pollution, soil erosion or deforestation can be consequences of gemstone mining. In addition the carbon footprint of lab-grown gemstones is a fraction of natural gemstone mining. Since technological advancements over the past years have enabled lab-based growth of gemstones that are of the same or better quality than mined gemstones we think that using lab-grown gemstones is the more sustainable choice without a compromise in quality.


Can you see the difference between created and mined gemstones?

Only trained gemologists with specific equipment would be able to see the difference.


Are the created gemstones color treated?

No. According to Chatham- the company where we source our stones from all of their gemstones are grown in a lab under a controlled environment, producing the most vividly saturated color possible.


Where is the jewelry produced?

Our jewelry is produced in our own jewelry workshop and in collaboration with a selected set of manufacturing partners in Germany and the UK.


Is it possible to order the pieces in a different material or with a different surface finish?

Most of our jewelry is sandblasted fine. We can also offer a polished, brushed or wire brushed finish on most of the pieces.

Because we only offer Fairtrade Gold, we are not able to produce a big variety of gold alloys or colors but please feel free to reach out and we will see what is possible. 


Can the jewelry be engraved? 

Please email us in advance if you would like to add a custom engraving to one of our jewelry pieces and we will make it happen.


I need a piece quickly, but it is not in stock. Can you expedite the manufacturing? 

Depending on our order levels we might be able to expedite the manufacturing. Please email us in advance and we'll get back to you with the fastest possible delivery date.


Where can I get my Quite Quiet jewelry repaired? 

Please email us if you need to get your jewelry repaired or you can also contact your local jeweller.